As teachers, we have a major impact on the lives of our students.  However, in the long term, the people who make the biggest difference are those who create jobs.  Without them, millions of young people would face a bleak future. For this reason, we are very keen to recognise the success of the job creators who give hope to so many.

CASE STUDY – Neil McDermid

Neil McDermid (shown above) is a successful entrepreneur who has created many jobs for young people during his business career.

Neil grew up in North Lanarkshire in the west of Scotland where he attended Coltness Primary and Coltness Secondary.

Neil always wanted to work for himself and his success since leaving school shows he has a real instinct for business along with a true understanding of the value of hard work coupled with self-confidence.

He now owns a range of companies operating across the UK which together employ more than 500 people.  These include a construction company, an online golf agency, a large hotel and a major flood defence company which advises government officials on how to deal with floods.  Not bad for a young boy who had to cope with the challenges of dyslexia at school.

nmclennanaward145x160Neil is grateful for the success his efforts have brought him and is very keen to encourage the next generation.  He is therefore working with Impressive People on a project to help youngsters at three primary schools in the area where he grew up.

The schools are very grateful for Neil’s support.  Indeed, his former primary school, now called Calderbridge PS, has presented him with an award which reads simply: “Calderbridge Primary is proud of Neil McDermid”.

If you or your organisation may wish to join Neil and others in supporting the State School Job Creators initiative our Director, Patrick Gaffney, would be delighted to discuss how you can get involved. Please click here to contact Patrick.