• Our Impressive Former Pupils initiative helps teachers raise aspirations. It does so with ready-to-go classroom presentations which tell students about individuals from their school who have gone on to achieve great things..

  • In our work with state schools we sometimes meet pupils of rare talent. This may relate to academic prowess or a special ability in art, music, sport, etc. Often they are multi-talented individuals. Our Exceptional programme aims to help these youngsters maximise their potential.

  • Our State School Lawyers programme encourages young people who aspire to a career in the law, by highlighting successful individuals who were themselves educated in the state sector.

  • The IPO Awards are presented to individuals educated in state schools who have gone on to achieve national or international prominence in their chosen field.

  • As teachers, we have a major impact on the lives of our students.  However, in the long term, the people who make the biggest difference are those who create jobs.  Without them, millions of young people would face a bleak future. For this reason, we are very keen to recognise the success of the job creators who give hope to […]