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Photo of Scott Clair

Scott Clair

Holyrood High School, Edinburgh

Scott was attracted to a legal career while a pupil at Holyrood High School in Edinburgh.  A talented student, he worked hard to gain the necessary qualifications for entry to the Law Faculty of Edinburgh University.…

Photo of Iain Nicol

Iain Nicol

Peterhead Academy, Aberdeenshire

An accredited specialist in both Personal Injury Law and Professional Negligence Law, Iain is a Partner with Balfour & Manson, one of Scotland’s leading law firms.…

Photo of Irene Turner

Irene Turner

Hornsea School, East Riding of Yorkshire

Housing is a major problem in the UK. A severe shortage of houses means property prices are very high in most regions. It also means some criminals target vulnerable people who are attempting to buy, sell or rent properties.…